View Full Version : Strange issues on one computer but not the other, same install

8th May 2006, 05:21
Ok, my husband and I installed from the same file and at first everything was fine. Except we couldn't see the hidden. So we screwed with some settings until we found the -dxlevel 90 thing that someone posted and that fixed it, so we reset all our video settings back to the defaults. Everything is fine on my computer but my husband's game is suddenly acting weird:
- When in spectator mode there are no camera lines- it's just like he's viewing everything normally through other players' eyes, minus the HUD.
- When he uses aura vision, all colors are inverted. So the world is colored almost normally, instead of the inverted colors you're supposed to see. Green auras are pink, red auras are sort of a teal. It's like his computer is somehow re-inverting the already inverted colors of aura vision. We have checked that color correction is disabled (was the only thing we could think of).
- When using the scope on the rifle, he doesn't have the black borders or anything. Just a crosshair... This obviously puts him at an advantage when using this weapon, luckily he's ****e with it. It seems related to the other video bugs.
- Pigstick sound does not play when he's IRIS and being attacked. I have spectated him and heard it on my pc but the sound doesn't play on his.
- There was some other issue but I can't recall what it was now, will update this if/when I remember, but the ones I already mentioned are the important ones.

I thought maybe somehow some sprites got deleted or something, but I checked his files against mine and they're all there. I loaded up a game on his and looked in the console for any missing file errors, or just any errors in general, but there was none. I double checked that all his video settings were the same as mine and that he's running dx9 and so far everything I can think to check looks identical to my game settings. So any ideas on what's going on?

8th May 2006, 06:08
First thing to do is list the hardware between the two computers. Second thing to do is be very thankful you two found each other because I have not heard of a married couple wanting to play (and help out with the development of) The Hidden.

What are you two running?

Sonic Valley
8th May 2006, 11:30
Consider it a blessing it you two run a lan game...you can totally pwn him...lol