View Full Version : +speed has no effect

6th May 2006, 17:13
No matter what I bind to +speed, the "walk slowly" functionality doesn't actually do anything, for IRIS or for The Hidden.

If it isn't supposed to do anything, the issue is that it's still in the GUI as something to bind to.

6th May 2006, 17:21
Doesn't do anything :rolleyes:

6th May 2006, 18:05
hmm, it did work... something a bit weird's going on...

6th May 2006, 18:33
I think I had the same issue sometime. A long time I didn't even know there was a walk-mode, just because i tried it once, didn't see any changes, unbound +speed. But I'm pretty sure I've just been walking as hidden (its hard to notice)

6th May 2006, 19:52
I use it often, and it is slower, i don't know why it's screwy for you

What's odd though is that mine defaulted to shift... even though usualy that's for the pounce (my pounce is on the right mouse button)

6th May 2006, 21:23
Not working here either, for me it's bind for ctrl and is working in other mods.

6th May 2006, 22:13
What's odd though is that mine defaulted to shift...

Shift is the "default" for walk, so in the standard config, that's what I made it...

7th May 2006, 06:19
+speed - move forward
+walk - actually walk

13th May 2006, 06:43
+speed - move forward
+walk - actually walk

Wait... what? Move forward is +forward. Walk is +speed. At least that's what the GUI binds looking at the key I assigned it to after I assign it. Are you saying that I need to bind my walk key to "+walk" to get it to work? If so, the bug is that the GUI is binding the wrong action to the key.

Edit: Did some testing, and yes, in fact, +walk has the intended effect. Personally I'd like +walk functionality to just be changed to +speed so it's like other FPS setups... but if not, the GUI should be changed so it binds +walk instead of +speed.

As far as +speed being = to move forward... not sure where you got that. +speed does nothing at all.

13th May 2006, 07:37
My .cfg says:
bind "ALT" "+walk"
*shrug* YMMV ;)