View Full Version : Because I am nice (banlist)

5th May 2006, 12:16
Until Hidden-stats is up and running well, I am going to take on one of the more daunting tasks to help out anyone looking for something solid to compare against their banlist or to help new server admins keep current thugs clear of their new pristine servers.

I will compile a thorough and proofed list of people who have been banned from servers in Hidden. All I ask is that you send me three things:

Name and STEAM ID of the person you banned

Reason for banning

Solid, SOLID proof for the ban (i.e. screenshot or demo)

I will not put someone on my WIP banlist without all three of these items.

Unless circumstances are very extreme for any other reason, I am only going to add someone to my WIP banlist because of blatant hacks. I understand people cursing because of a bad day outside the game, coming in to try and relieve some stress and becoming even moreso and swearing in the game. It happens. Just tempban the person.

However, if I have found conclusive evidence across several servers (and by several I mean at least 6) that someone is using derogatory, sexually explicit or inappropriate terms, swearing or teamkilling, I will put them on my WIP banlist. For teamkilling, I will put them on my WIP banlist after occurances on at least 3 separate servers. For swearing or other foul language, I will accept screenshots. For teamkilling, I want a screenshot of the console showing who killed who. I will not accept text files or otherwise, as they are fairly easy to replicate by typing them out.

I will not accept evidence by email; you must post them somewhere on the internet for me to view. For server admins who have bigger banlists and do not wish to go through everything to give me evidence for each ban, contact me and more than likely I will go through your 10 most recent bans and see how they pan out.

Over time (should this project work) you can guarantee that I will learn to trust certain admins on their bans and will become more trustworthy with their reasoning. However, I will still stick to my server-wide rules of 3 or 6 regardless.

Keep in mind that this project is going to take time. It will take me a while to go through all of the bans that will be brought to me initially. Once my list is finally created, I will be updating it weekly. I will take time to enjoy myself, so don't be offended if I don't respond to you immediately.

When the log is created, I will be listing the Name, Steam ID and reason for ban. I may change my ruling later on due to changes in the game, the workload this causes or otherwise. In example, I may later on decide to update the banlist for hackers only if it becomes excessive or if the reasons for the server-wide incidents become childish. Also, once I get to know more people here that are trustworthy and they volunteer to help, I may share the workload.

Once the hidden-stats is completely running smooth and works to include its banlist, I will discontinue this project. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to post them here. Otherwise, look to my profile for my email address. I won't post it here because of spider engines that search for any email address. And as in another thread that I have posted, I wish to state that I am not a developer or a forum moderator. I am only trying to help the community.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.