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5th May 2006, 09:59
Interpenetrating entities! (npc_tripmine and func_door)
Interpenetrating entities! (npc_tripmine and func_door)
Interpenetrating entities! (npc_tripmine and func_door)
(IRIS) sarj : (Loading Yard 6) Subject Sighted
(IRIS) StreetSouldja : (Loading Yard 6) Subject Sighted
(Hidden) `PoinTBlanK: yay
Dropped Big Fat Cat from server
Reason: Big Fat Cat timed out
Dropped DarkSim from server
Reason: DarkSim timed out
Dropped Shogoll from server
Reason: Shogoll timed out
Dropped Deadcow from server
Reason: Deadcow timed out
Dropped |CoR| Pvt-SpiritVII*XP* from server
Reason: |CoR| Pvt-SpiritVII*XP* timed out
Dropped `PoinTBlanK from server
Reason: `PoinTBlanK timed out

Interpenetrating entities! (npc_tripmine and func_door) Actually goes as far back up as the entire log buffer, just figured i'd cut it short. 4th time I've it's happened, 1st time i've watched it happen. Not sure if it is a bug, something my side, or what; but right after it spills for a while, maybe 10 secs later, everyone dead times out.

5th May 2006, 10:37
which map?

5th May 2006, 11:19
Doesn't sound like any standard hdn maps that I know of. I don't recall a door... wait, I do. Doesn't sewer or something have a few? Even then, it's not a real door and is deadweight, from what I could tell. You actually have to push it open, from the map that I played. I just can't remember which one.

What happened when the mine was in the door? Did it explode or did the door get funky?

Lemme know what comes of it and if it needs to be posted on the buglist.

5th May 2006, 12:05
could be stalkyard - the lift... Hmm...

5th May 2006, 19:50
That was on stalkyard yes, my bad, thought I posted map.

5th May 2006, 22:59
"Interpenetrating Entities".

Sounds like nerd porn or something...