View Full Version : No knife animation or attack.

4th May 2006, 15:35
The few times I have ever been 617, my knife attack plays no animation, and deal no damage. It's very frustrating to go up and attack an unsuspecting IRIS member and die because you're standing there doing nothing, when I should be attacking. Maybe it's due to the fact the Western Illinois University has a horrible network? Is this an existing bug?

4th May 2006, 18:42
Well, this have alredy been reported...
In b2... :rolleyes:

4th May 2006, 18:45
I find pressing E (or use if you've changed it) when there's nothing to pick up, kinda resets the knife, and starts the animations etc working again.

4th May 2006, 19:15
If you pigstick twice in rapid succession, it won't animated the second time, but it will still kill.