View Full Version : Need help with Beta 3

3rd May 2006, 22:06
Hi all,

I have just downloaded the hidden source beta 3 and i have steam ... but i am not sure how to launch the games or wat are the requirements ... pls let me know wat i need to do to play the game.


4th May 2006, 00:12
You need Halflife 2 in order to play Hidden, not only steam, as it is a hl2 mod. Install Hidden, start steam and then start Hidden. It's that easy.

General Mayhem
4th May 2006, 01:04
Aaaand, if you don't have Half-Life 2, you NEED to get it!! Not only for the mods!

The General

4th May 2006, 01:14
thnx a ton guys i will start the download today itself for the game