View Full Version : Dead clan #2

3rd May 2006, 21:10
Hutch was on deadclan #2 and was having trouble with a guy named "Yayness", I was watching over his shoulder for part of it and so i can vouch for him.
Anyway i figured i should put up his stuff cause he got hisself banned.
screenie #1
http://img362.imageshack.us/img362/25/boredcropped4ld.th.jpg (http://img362.imageshack.us/my.php?image=boredcropped4ld.jpg)
screenie #2
http://img362.imageshack.us/img362/862/cropped3mr.th.jpg (http://img362.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cropped3mr.jpg)
And we have a demo which I have no clue how to play or send to anyone, or for that matter where it is. :confused:
Can someone help me with that too?

3rd May 2006, 21:15
In your Hidden directory should be a file with the demo name you recorded (yourfilename.dem). All you have to do is zip it up and send it to MiasmicAnomie (which Hutch should know how to do). He'll do the rest.

EDIT: Oh, to play demos: Start Hidden up, bring down the console, type playdemo demoname, where demoname is the name of the demo you recorded (obviously). That's it.