View Full Version : Either the best player of all time or a blatant BHSer

3rd May 2006, 02:19
ADALINE 1 was the name he used in this server. STEAM_0:0:4014324

Follows the Hidden to an ungodly level. Demos of course (http://www.doaln.com/hiddenmaps/files/1/ADALINE_1.rar). I've played this game since September and I've never seen anyone follow the Hidden remotely close to this well.

3rd May 2006, 02:25
Yeah, was in the same server, seemed to be blatant hacking. I followed him around and he was zeroing in on the hidden everytime, also how he scanned rooms was also as if the hidden was visible to him.

Also of note was he would follow the hidden perfectly, so say you leap above and past him he will turn, following you in the air shooting you. This is pretty much impossible, you can sort of do it but to be precise and smooth about it is very fishy.

3rd May 2006, 03:26
Get a few choice portions of a 3-4 map game, an experienced player, throw in some accusations, and you've got some hax demos!

Yes, that was a pretty sweet midair shot.. just whip a pistol and shoot like a madman in a crowded room, and you'll hit something.

Oh my, my post count is gone...I should be more active here :/

3rd May 2006, 03:45
If you watched the demo i made about the cheater on the pOT server, you will see that there seems to be some wh+black hidden combo out there. No way someone could know if the hidden turns around a few times in the pipes on sewers.

Sometimes being accused of using black hidden myself you can be sure I wouldnt run around pointing at people crying "cheater"

3rd May 2006, 04:01
I'm sorry but there is no conclusive proof that that guy was cheating

3rd May 2006, 04:13
basically without any knowledge of the cheat etc.

I could presumably run this cheat, don't do anything totally out of the normal, play as hidden a lot more and run scott free.

The conclusive proof would have to be pretty outlandish and impossible without being a moron, even one outlandish spotting of hidden could be possible too.

So basically there is no compelling reason not to cheat besides morals. Which are pretty sketchy in most people.

3rd May 2006, 05:13
couple spots in that demo that make you go "Waaa?" but other times he just completely is oblivious.

3rd May 2006, 12:17
is there a known flaw that causes this? Perhaps a) it gets fixed or b)a detection tool can be built into the client/server ?

3rd May 2006, 17:03
After watching the demos there is no real proof that he is hacking. You had less than 20 health left and you jumped in his line of fire. In turn you died.