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2nd May 2006, 23:19
Well, I'm back, and I haven't played since the first release, so needless to say I'm well impressed with what I've seen so far.

However, it seems that whenever you get into contact with another player model, you "stick" to it a bit, making movement choppy and unpredicatble. This behaviour persists until you are no longer touching, and it is MOST frustrating. When playing IRIS, it's not that bad, but as 617 it can easily spell your doom because if you miss with your pigstick but get stuck to the person you were trying to kill, needless to say, you're pretty much baked.

It seems this problem is reoccuring on all maps and as far as I can see, for all players (at least the ones I've spoken to).

Also, a minor thing is that at least in the resolution I play in (1024x768), the letter e looks a lot like the letter a in the UI font.

Over and out, for now!

3rd May 2006, 20:27
Yeah the sticky bug is very annoying when trying to play without the stick (can you say shothun to the face?) but unfortunately as i heard it's a source bug and it can't be fixed right away...

The sticking doesn't seem to happen when you're on a marines head.

But yeah it's really annoying to knife someone in the back then try and pounce away only to be held back and get killed.

And yes the e looks similar to a ;)

18th May 2006, 21:19
I cant help but think this is not that large of an issue. CS Source had very similar problems even after the beta release. Theres was not sticking it was the exact opposite, you would bounce off of players and barrels. It was very annoying. I would imagine that the code change for that is similar to what needs to be done to this games.

This is my number one gripe about this game.

18th May 2006, 22:06
Garry's mod doesn't have this problem, or if it does, it's not noticeable to me at all. That indicates it can be fixed, doesn't it?

25th May 2006, 06:29
the number of deaths accouted for from getting stuck to either IRIS or just a box or something is rediculas. I die from it almost once every 3 times or so, and escpeically since ive also had issues of see the pigstick animation hit the IRIS and nothing happen, getting stuck is even more of a bummer... If stickyness was improved, itd make the pigstick screwyness less of an issue...

25th May 2006, 13:48
This also happens when rubbing up against some walls as well.

28th May 2006, 14:52
I was playing not too long ago, after killing this insane Hidden guy, I kill off a few, then I went to pounce at him and ps, the ps missed from straight infront of his face n I got stuck.

Its gay because you cant get away from it, I tried pouncing n it didnt work.

I got pwned:(

30th May 2006, 04:09
Sorry if this is too old to post in, but I think this is just another "feature" of the wonderfull source engine.

2nd June 2006, 20:19
i think every 4th or 5th death as the hidden is because of that.

i just play on servers with no pigstick and is is so frustrating :/

i jump at the guy i want to kill and hit him.
when i want to pounce away, i get stucked at the hight of his head...

often players use the pumpgun, half a lucky shot and youre dead.