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2nd May 2006, 16:40
Ok HSSW (Hidden Stats Server Watch) will be a set of tools to enable Server Admins who do not have alot of time to spend admining there servers.

Because the hidden stats engine is getting your log data, it can tell when someone TKs another person, even damage another person.

If you as a server admin apply for "Trusted Status" which will open these tools up to you. Every day the system will email you a list of players that have.

1. Tked (count of Tks Today / All Time)
2. Bad Language (With proof of course and times for you to check)
3. Believed (Raisit or otherwise bad behaviour)

There will be a final option for some server admins who may wish HSSW to take action on there behalf, however this part will be secondary to the emails which is the primary method of helping server admins out.

This will launch shortly after hidden stats.

K. GoBlin
2nd May 2006, 16:55
Sounds like a great idea. Good luck with it.

2nd May 2006, 19:22
Excellent, I will love this. The quicker this gets working, the quicker I don't have to install and configure PyschoStats.

3rd May 2006, 10:18
Servers that are correctly configured and are sending stats not for dev and testing are auto-granted the trusted flag yeah? If so I want this feature :)

How will it work? Will I have to create an account and associate my servers with it, or will an email get sent to the server admin, as defined in the server configs with these infos?



3rd May 2006, 14:21
system is not ready yet BUT

When its ready you will send a line to the server with rcon.

rcon say "sendpassword raider@hidden-stats.co.uk raider@hidden-stats.co.uk"

You then wait up to 30 minutes for the system to email you with your servers "admin" password. Then you can login with your ServerIP Port and the password.

If you have more than one server, you must do this procdure to all your servers.

There will be a few admin functions. Which are to be confirmed, but you get the idea.

3rd May 2006, 16:06
Cool, sounds very good all round.

What kind of ETA are we looking at?



3rd May 2006, 19:32
im looking to launch the Stats Website this weekend, and the admin tools 2 weeks after

3rd May 2006, 22:03
top ****ing banana mate, cheers very much for all your hard work :)