View Full Version : Why allow DX driver before 9?

2nd May 2006, 12:48
If they are known to crash servers why are you allowing them to even run the game?

I hope that what I have been reading in the forums is correct. That some users using older DX drivers crash servers when they kill the hidden. I have seen servers crash many times upon the hiddens death.

If this is the cause then you should remove this and force dx9. Its 2006 peeps. If you are old enough to have ANY job you can afford a card that uses DX9. If you cannot there is always birthdays and Xmas. Otherwise you can play CS:S 1.5

2nd May 2006, 13:22
I'm not convinced that it's lower level DX clients that are crashing servers (the clients DX level shouldn't have any impact on the server) so this isn't the answer.

2nd May 2006, 15:10
It is also CS 1.5, also 1.6 uses DX8 as well afaik.

3rd May 2006, 04:56
It is also CS 1.5, also 1.6 uses DX8 as well afaik.

No, HL engine mods are DX6 games, maybe some of them having performance-killing Nvidia CG shaders which need DX9 hardware. CS ver 1.x is definately not DX8.

3rd May 2006, 07:15
I'm preety defenite that a clients dx setting doesn't affect the server at all.... This is across all hl official and 3rd party mods.