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2nd May 2006, 00:44
Question: Is there a way to start a round without having 2 players in the server? I recall that was possible in the older updates, but now it seems impossible to do (probably associated with fixing the no hidden bugs). It also seems impossible to add bots to the server to fill in for the empty spots. So, is there a way to start a round, or is the requirement for 2 people hardcoded in?

And if there's no way, is there a way to launch a map without launching a server? Or any other way to find yourself on a map, as either hidden or a marine, you being the only person there?

Oh, and, uh, first post.

2nd May 2006, 00:45
if you can change vars on the server, "sv_cheats 1" then "bot_add" should drop a bot in with you, and the round will restart.

2nd May 2006, 00:56
if you can change vars on the server, "sv_cheats 1" then "bot_add" should drop a bot in with you, and the round will restart.
Yes, except I get a "Failed to create Bot." error. In fact, since B3, even the hidden bot in tutorial is missing... Hrm.

Also, I should probably say that I'm doing this on a lan listen server. Still, I was able to drop bots in B2.

Dead Inside
2nd May 2006, 10:11
The missing tutorial hidden bot is a known bug, already fixed and ready for the next release i believe too.

I used bots yesterday on my own machine with B3 and they worked fine, just started up hidden, created a server, enabled cheats and added the bots. I'm pretty sure i've added them via rcon to a locked dedicated server since B3 came out as well. So they are working ok.

Do you get an error when trying to change the sv_cheats cvar or is it just when you want to add the bots? Also make sure the sv_cheats 1 cvar is actually taking effect, i think if you just type sv_cheats into console it should show the cvars current set value and let you know if its worked or not.

Not really sure whats going wrong if you are starting the server properly though, did you delete B2 before installing B3, or are you having any other problems, get any errors during installation etc?

2nd May 2006, 20:05
The error was coming up when I tried to add a bot... both with sv_cheats set to 1 and 0.

And yeah, I didn't uninstall B2 before installing B3. So, I deleted the whole hidden folder, and reinstalled it again with the same B3 installer, and now it works fine.

So, I guess, thanks for the help.