View Full Version : Ghosting Servers [lern about fear servers]

1st May 2006, 18:28
They are ghosting ports,

probably because you have the log lines in your server.cfg aswell as in the valve.rc.

If you can remove all referances in you server.cfg update your valve.rc file, shutdown and the restart both servers.

This should stop your server ghosting cloans :)


1st May 2006, 18:31

Anyone with the log lines in there server.cfg will be prone to ghosting there server over lots of ports.

To fix this you must remove log entrys in your server.cfg and add them to your valve.rc file.

If you server ghosts far to much because of this issue, i will have to ignor all servers from your IP address.

If you are using the valve.rc file and you apear to have been ignored please send me and email to raider@hidden-stats.co.uk

1st May 2006, 19:30
You got mail!