View Full Version : is my server reporting stats?

1st May 2006, 18:15
hey, just wondering if you've gotten anything from `udi^hidden? im running that server out of my house behind a NAT and was thinking that might cause problems as i don't see it up on the website. global ip is

1st May 2006, 18:26
Dynamic IP Based servers are not supported sorry, as it is impossible to track your server.


2nd May 2006, 02:42
hrmm thats to bad. i havent paid for a static ip, yet my ip hasnt change in the 6 months ive had cable. perhaps a dynamic dns would work?

2nd May 2006, 03:01
sorry buddy, without backwards DNS, im affraid your hostname would remain and IP address.

Sorry, but your welcome to relay stats, if i have a problem then i may need to withdraw support for you server.

If thats ok with you go ahead and send stats :)