View Full Version : Admitted BHS (in voice none the less)

1st May 2006, 03:56
I have a demo of someone on a server admitting to having BHS, and not seeming to fix his problem (even after being told it was a problem and telling him to update his drivers)

I have the demo and screenshot of his Steam ID for people that might want to watch him if he comes in (to see if he has fixed it or not)

To view where he admits to it on the demo, press ctrl+shift+f2 to bring up the demo editor, and in the Goto box, type in 20000.

To view him killing me with suspiciously good accuracy, watch the video (he does it... twice i think, one is when i hide somewhere and he goes right to where i am, and another after a firefight)

I'll send it to admins if need be.

Night Raider
1st May 2006, 04:00
I thought this was fixed with the new beta?

1st May 2006, 21:05
no, he admitted it in response to my accidental saying of "You know the hidden's not supposed to be black" (accidental meaning i typed it out, erased it, then died and then it was sent as a type kill message).

paraphrasing what he said:

"That's funny, because i see him as a black guy."
me- Wait, what? really?

and then he goes on about how it isn't cheating because it has to do with his graphics card and yeah. If you want to see it i can send the demo