View Full Version : Cheater on [pOT]Panic Room by Veltenlan.de

30th April 2006, 23:22
This one was using some kind of WH+Blackhidden Cheat. He shot the Hidden a few times similar the way it is shown on Mr_Spoons Smokey Demo.

On hdn_sewers I got to be hidden first and made a demo, that doesent only show that i suck :D it shows him using some kind of wh too. i painted him with pipe bombs and used aura to show where he was running while i was in the pipes in the ceiling. he followed me around. after getting insulted by him i told him i knew he was a black hidden, wh using bastard and he went quiet. too bad i stopped the demo, because in the next round he changed his name and started tking everybody...

i uploaded both the screenshot with his steam id and the demo to

click me (http://rapidshare.de/files/19310593/Cheatingbastard.rar.html)

he was actually pretty good while playing as the hidden and i dont know how anybody could cheat at that, but im certain he cheated when playing IRIS.

sorry for my bad english, i know i should work on that ;)