View Full Version : How do i make a random hidden

30th April 2006, 20:30
This might help banning in our server...

Dead Inside
30th April 2006, 20:40
Until the actual random hidden setting is fixed (hdn_randomselect "0") then hdn_hiddenrounds "1" might help a bit. If the person is far better at spotting the hidden than most others then they will still end up as hidden fairly often, but this should limit them to one round, rather than five in a row, which i think is the default.

This also means that newbies that kill the hidden definately get to be hidden as well, even if its just for that one round.

Edit: Just incase you aren't aware that whilst the hdn_randomselect setting will work, using it seems to cause alot more of the no hidden problem, thats why its best not to use it right now. Infact i think the no hidden problem should be fixed in B3 but this setting causes it again.

30th April 2006, 20:43
Just add it to server.cfg

Dead Inside
30th April 2006, 20:47
It will be in the default server.cfg for you to just edit to whatever value you want, if you are using a completely custom one though and haven't had that command in it before then yes, just add it in and restart the server/change the map and it should take effect.

30th April 2006, 20:49
For the help bro.