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30th April 2006, 17:07

Here is something that i really need to check up on.

Servers are now NOT remaining consistant on the port that they are broadcasting from. What i mean by this is some servers are changeing the UDP port on which they are broadcasting.

So could server admins sending stats data please vote in the poll. Please post you answer too... in the following format

Address: IP:PORT
Answer: Valve.rc/server.cfg

The reasons for this is because the lines must ONLY apear in the valve.rc file, i think it is this that makes servers broadcast on new ports.


Dead Inside
30th April 2006, 18:55


All of Smokey's servers have the following in their valve.rc file

log 1
logaddress_add server1.hidden-stats.co.uk:6838

30th April 2006, 22:11 ThunderInnovations: Hidden B3 #1 (PS=Off)

And my other server is not sending anything yet as I'm trying to determine what's causing the one to crash consistantly.

but I just switched it to valve.rc

I must say that I do not see where this could lead to confusion in what port the server is running on.

30th April 2006, 22:17
I now know that it MUST be in the valve.rc :)

If you add the lines to the end of your server.cfg it is exicuted more than once, and this leads to it broadcasting on other ports, than the one the server runs on.

:) So you HAVE to use these lines in your valve.rc

1st May 2006, 23:19