View Full Version : Hidden B3 Instillation Errors

30th April 2006, 15:41
Well, when I try to install B3 It keeps saying "Cannot Write to File" Whatever file it is, sometimes with maps, or sometimes Models such as IRIS_N or whatever

Please help out, this game looks amazing and I've been playing it since B2

But currently It has been htr_tutorial, If thats the file, Thanks for the comments in advance

I've tried for the university, and also ModB, Is there a new mirror I could use?

30th April 2006, 15:46
I can only suggest you grab another copy of the installer from another mirror..

11th May 2006, 16:28
I have the same problem. It's not a question of instalation file. I've downloaded it ...... times, even on other place. I tried to install one of them on other computer and (f....k) it works! So Hidden installer doesn't like my computer :(. Its Abit NF7-s; barton-m@2300MHz; Radeon9800XT, 1GB RAM.
I've tried to instal to/from 4 different partitions, always the same: cannot write to file (.... random files) :((((