View Full Version : Unexplained crashes (b3 version)

30th April 2006, 13:15

newly aquainted with this forum,

i am the cl of YO and thought it best i set myself up on these forums since we run a dedicated server for hidden.

I am having some real problems , i have encountered quite a few different crashes whilst playing on lots of different servers and since i setup the b3 server 2 days ago we've had to reboot it twice,

my client crashes are usually in the circumstance of

'i kill hidden' crash *UNLESS* its the last round then it doesnt crash..

i also just experienced a crash after the hidden pogo'ed me .. went spectator then crashed ..

i'm hoping that someone on here can help with this situation and will look forward to reading responses.


30th April 2006, 17:28
Ya, it happens to a lot of people that when they kill the hidden, the game just crashes and u get an error message. EVERY time I kill the hidden I get this error message. Its not just you, its many many people

30th April 2006, 18:31
I've noticed that it happens when you kill hidden on Dx 6 and 7, Dx8 and 9 doens't crash. And on Dx 6 and 7 you have bunch of errors in console about missing something.

30th April 2006, 19:26
if by Dx you mean direct X

then i am on version 9 , which would go against your theory..

also there is no error displayed, just the crash streight back to desktop