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30th April 2006, 04:25
Now most of us don't like the CK server, as you can tell from my previous posts I sure as hell didn't.
Well, I was playing on there earlier and, well...we should ignore the reputation and try again.
The walls are no longer bouncy (trust me, i had my foot so far in my mouth that i was despreatly trying to bounc)
my ban for asking about bouncy walls, is gone.
I think we should all lookie at the ck server with out its rep and try again, there aren't enough servers to never play on one because of a incorrect reputation.
//spits foot out of mouth

30th April 2006, 16:30
custom killers?

yeah i got a temp ban for killing one of the admins a few to many times when he was hidden :D hehe

30th April 2006, 17:33
If you have been ban it was for a reason.
But noone has been ban since release of b3.
If you read our server rules when the game starts it may help you,
not get ban from CK*We like pubbers playing in our servers.
But remember we are a Day of Defeat Source clan.
I got the hidden server for a bennifit for my clan..
I can always lock it down.You guy's complain and whine to much about our server.if you don't like it find somewhere else to play or get your own server,
then you can run it as you wish..


ill go ahead and post them here so you can read them since you dont in the game.

Welcome to Custom Killers
DOD Source :
Hidden Source :
Server Rules:
1. Respect Anyone who wears a CK*Tag and other players in server.
2. CK* Has the right to ban anyone for no reason at anytime.
3. You may be kicked without warning for another CK* members slot.
4. Cheating mouse binds scripts hacks are illegal in our server
this will result in Permanant ban No tolerance for cheaters.
5. Profanity is to a minimum keep it clean.
6. Racial comments names porn sprays ect. are prohibited.
7. Bad attitudes will get you banned or kicked.
8. Do not spam the game voice.
9. Do not spam the ingame chat.
10. No recruitng allowed on any Custom Killers server.
11. Do not blame anyone for cheating let admin handle it.
12. Playing in our server is a privilage follow our rules or
the server will be passworded for friends and memebrs only.
13.Do not shoot in spawn.

30th April 2006, 19:32
custom killers?

yeah i got a temp ban for killing one of the admins a few to many times when he was hidden :D hehe

30th April 2006, 22:01
it was like a week ago b2 and i was rocking as iris maybe he just though i was cheating , i dont mind as it was only temp , you guys are cool i play on your server alot and generally get on with the guys in the clan , like monkee and cant remeber the others. but no hard feelings ya kknow :P its like the only us server i ping half decent on hehe

30th April 2006, 23:07
Your welcome to play there anytime..
I am senior amdinistrator so if you pubbers
have a problem with my admin.You need to talk to me.