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30th April 2006, 01:06
For some reason B3 keeps booting me (and other people) out of the game with no apparent rhyme or reason.

It happened twice for me. The game just completely closes out and then I get the windows error that "hl2.exe has encountered an problem and needs to close." Upon further inspection I get this error.

Faulting application hl2.exe, version, faulting module datacache.dll, version, fault address 0x00008a37.

It's happened to at least 4 other people I know on the same server. Someone said it happened to them whenever he killed the hidden while they were in close proximity. As for me, it just happened close to when the round restarts (usually a few seconds after). Once I wasn't pressing any buttons at all, and the second time I was typing a message.

Has anyone else had trouble with this? Do any of the developers know of a bug like this?


Edit: Oh crap there's another thread about this already. I have no idea how I missed it. Sorry.

30th April 2006, 01:24
I play on the same server with Mogomra, but the crash is not limited to that server, at least for me it is not.

Common threads with the bug:
If any hidden is killed within a short distance from myself I will crash with the error shown in the OP.
I've tested killing bots with all different guns, all the guns produce the same results. I've headcam spec'ed IRIS who killed the hidden at close distance and it crashed me.
I've had a hidden killed in front of me by a teammate and crashed.

Odds and ends:
I once played an entire round on executive without a single crash, even though I killed the hidden in very close proximity. As soon as the map changed and I killed the hidden it crashed.

At a fair distance (20ft+ ?) it does not cause me to crash.
I can play the hidden and kill any IRIS and will never crash.

I tried re-installing the mod, I tried disabling then re-enabling my shaders and neither fixed it.

30th April 2006, 03:25
this is really annoying and its making me not want to play this game any more
any contact w/ the hidden at the point when he changes from invis to visible crashes my game indefinately. some one REALLY needs to fix this..... :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

30th April 2006, 05:36
Calm down, its been reported now and the DEVs can take a look at it. There seems to be a problem with mani atm so just wait for official word from the DEVs.

K. GoBlin
30th April 2006, 05:45
Everyone should consolidate these issues into one thread. There are like 5-6 threads on this same subject, it makes things difficult for people to gather info if they're having to go through multiple threads to do it.