View Full Version : differnt class table's

29th April 2006, 23:29
every time i try too enter a server i get DC cuz of some stuff saying the server uses differnt class table's

what's up? must i download some more stuff than B3?

29th April 2006, 23:30
Make sure you are joining B3 servers, there are still some rogue B2a servers out there. B2a and B3 are NOT compatible. If thats not it, try re-downloading B3 client(not the server package) from another mirror.

1st May 2006, 13:42
Thank's 4 replying dude.

I was trying too join the B3 server's. still i get the same error.

and sometime's it lets me in only after 2 a 3 sec the entire game shut's down on it's own.

I'll try re downloading it again.

I did not remove the B2a be4 i installed B3 mayby that's why it's so buggy on my PC atm.

Ill repost if that was the case.

( sigh... why coulnd they just make an update patch. from B2a--->B3 )

1st May 2006, 14:07
You should remove B2a before you put B3 on, and 'they' didnt make a patch because too much has changed, there would be very little difference in size.