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29th April 2006, 17:53
hey guys, this asshole called "DaRkNeSs" or something like that, was caught BHSing. faron saw him in the room, and he kept killing the hidden... i wonder why? :rolleyes:

anyway, i demo'd him, and he actually admitted to BHS'ing on the demo.

After he begged and pleaded for me not to get him banned, i was considering leaving this demo.

The reason i am posting it, is because straight after this, he started TK'ing on purpose.

heres the demo.

Ill upload the demo later, if its needed.... rapidshare is being a noob..

and heres the screenies.

Here you can see his steam ID -


Here you can see his TK'ing and another guy complaining too -


Here you can see him admitting he sees the hidden black if you cant be bothered to watch the demo.


29th April 2006, 22:12

1st May 2006, 15:55
sorry for triple post, seems admins are dead now :(

1st May 2006, 18:13
Or we've dealt with it and didn't realise you needed a pat on the back :p

2nd May 2006, 01:23
lol, just some recognition people are getting banned is good enough, otherwise it seems like nobody saw the post :p a pat on the back is a bonus :D