View Full Version : i have a problem with it

29th April 2006, 16:33
when i load hidden it loads up and the it closes and says "Engine Error failed to lock vertex buffer in CmeshDX8::LockVertexBuffer" so can some one help me 2 fix it :mad:? plz

29th April 2006, 17:04
Not experienced it myself but by th elook of it its GFX related. Do you have the latest video drivers for your card? What is your card btw? That might help us nail the problem down, some specs please sir!

14th August 2006, 04:23
Same thing happened to me...
I have not played hidden in a little while and when I decided to play I get that error, I had not changed video cards or anything, it just started all of a sudden...

14th August 2006, 18:00
I had that problem a while back it just stopped after a while O_O.

31st August 2006, 16:03
i have the same problem i can't do anything, ive updated my drivers but still nothing and then it goes into some error and terminates steam

31st August 2006, 17:22
maybe you pc i just crap, happened sometimes to me 2, i think someone said once that it was because there was not enough memory or something.

31st August 2006, 18:40
i don't think its anything to do with memory because i just re formatted my P.C. and i barley have a quarter of my memory used up

31st August 2006, 22:15
I guess I had this error after I got back to the desktop while the game was still running and wanted to get back to the game. Maybe that helps.

1st September 2006, 09:03
yeah but ive only just downloaded it and it dosen't work it gets to loading screen and jumps to desktop closing it self and steam

1st September 2006, 10:42
Here try this
Google helps :) lock+vertex+buffer+in+CmeshDX8::LockVertexBuffer&hl=de&gl=de&ct=clnk&cd=1

I had this problem too.
I realised that if I del file ..\valve\steamApps\myUser\counter-strike source\bin\vidcfg.bin then I could play again. Then I made a file.bat whit the next instruccions:
del "C:\File Programs\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\myUser\counter-strike source\bin\vidcfg.bin";
"C:\File Programs\Valve\Steam\Steam.exe" -applaunch 240;

Another thing that might just work is uninstalling your graphics drivers and installing the newest or an alternative set. But try the above first.

Here's a thread about it on Steam forums