View Full Version : Server uses differnet class tables

29th April 2006, 13:13
Whenever i try to enter a server it syas that the server uses differnet class tables. I dont know what this means or how to fix it. I havent got the new beta 3 yet so i have an older hidden source version ( dont know which one.)

Can some please tell me how to fix this.


Dead Inside
29th April 2006, 13:16
You need B3 to join B3 servers, most servers will have updated to B3 now, look in the server list for any that still say Beta2 or Beta2a and you'll probably be able to connect ok, i don't know how many there will be though.

29th April 2006, 16:42
no what his done is install b3 over the old b2 what you need to do is back up your controls settings file thing .cfg and then delet the hidden folder
then reinstall beta 3 , hope this helps