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29th April 2006, 09:37
hey guys, there was an asshole in a b3 server earlier with me and masterpod. he was calling me names, and trying to find someway of votekicking me for being a good player :O

i wasnt pigstick whoring, masterpod can and will vouch for me in this situation. he was generally being an ass, and calling people names/mocking them.

I hope you decide to ban him from your servers.

Proof about trying to kick me....

Proof about him being an ass in general, and his steam ID..

29th April 2006, 11:53
aa.. him ;F was it a bug or what, but what i saw was Merciless: Can we somehow votekick merciless out? :D it was stupid Xd

29th April 2006, 14:12
Yeah, it's like merciless says. He also said some pretty unpleasant things after merciless left to report this, dont have it screenied though :( .

29th April 2006, 20:49
Seems pretty tame from here.
Annoying and bastardly, but tame.

He'd fit right in a Blizzard game, too.