View Full Version : Codecs and DirectX...and The Hidden

27th April 2006, 22:41
I toy around with codecs a lot. Recently my codecs were causing Oblivion to hose up a lot, so I've been changing versions and options in FFDShow and the like.

I tried to play The Hidden after I'd been playing Oblivion and I've somehow made my Hidden nearly invisible. Yeah, I know, he's already nearly invisible. I mean even more translucent. I used to be able to see a motionless hidden. Right now I can't see at all unless I'm specifically at the right angle and looking at that spot for a good 10 seconds or so. Looking through him isn't bending the light like it used to. It's not bending it at all. It's like he's gone from a watery texture to a glass texture...or something.

This being said, did I do this with my codec changes? No hardware has been modified.

And also, how do I put it back the way it was? I pity those who play with the hidden as invisible as I see him now. I'm not sure if this is intended, but it certainly makes the game far more challenging, and me suck a lot more.

I brought up my own private server just to play against bots. I couldn't find the hidden bot. I had to spray until I saw blood in each of the spawn points. It's really....really hard to see him.

Is there a posting somewhere by the devs that show exactly how invisible the hidden is supposed to be?