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26th April 2006, 18:38
Just recently iv been experianceing some wired staltyness..like lag,but its not lag.One of the things that happends is when I start the round,everthing stops moving for around 1 sec,then I end face up to a wall,another thing is the stalted physics I get,where if I shoot something,it moves 1/2 a second later,and when I play as hidden,im unable to pick up bodies,the bodies just go all crazy and strech there limbs,I also just get some random staltyness when walking.
it makes the game vary hard to play as hidden and iris,and its also vary annoying.

I hadent got this prob with the game befor,only around 3 days ago it occurred,I have also reinstalled the game,but it dident help.


26th April 2006, 19:41
I had this issue, it ran throughout my steam games to a degree so I was replacing my gcf files fixed it.

26th April 2006, 19:44
ill give that a try now,hope it works,ty

26th April 2006, 20:45
What the heck is "stalty"?