View Full Version : tking nub

24th April 2006, 21:47
getting repetady tked by a asshole on deadclan 1
got a demo for who everwants it

25th April 2006, 01:45
Dead clan always has alot of TKers, I have seen quite alot when playing there. :(

25th April 2006, 01:54
Probably what they get for being among the most popular Hidden servers. You wouldn't see any TKers on a server that has no players. Unless they were TKing bots, and that'd just be weird.

25th April 2006, 05:06
For the most part they seem to not be coming in when I'm on. At least, not anymore. So demos from people who are in when I'm not on are going to be good, as far as keeping the servers clean.

25th April 2006, 06:06
did you see the demo i sent you yet?

25th April 2006, 17:13
Aye, I've put a temp on for now. From the logs, it looked like you accidentally shot him, he shot you and then he started TK'ing. Is that accurate?

25th April 2006, 19:55
pretty much