View Full Version : massively TKed by hidden no9

24th April 2006, 19:58
sry for a new topic for this .. but i think i have to ask if other players also have problems with him ...


he is an idiot (older members click HERE (http://aa.1asphost.com/bender01101/hidden_no9.txt) to see what i am thinkin about that guy)

>.< he TKed all and it seems to be an exploiter, but the subject of exploit is not confirmed ... AND he named him 2.F.4.U und killed all IRIS mates ... it really sux.

i only have a demo and a screen of the TKs .... it happend on smokey's

link to *.dem and screen:


it would be easier to ban him, and all will have mor fun playin ...

Dead Inside
24th April 2006, 20:14
I noticed the nicklaming and tk'ing via HLSW so i banned him, just before you left the server i think.

24th April 2006, 21:03
yeah, i saw he suddenly left the game ... i could not believe that he disconnect by himself ...
ok, now its confirmed ...

is he only banned on that server, or on all smokeys? i hope the last ...

and thank you... another lamer has gone away from us >.>


24th April 2006, 21:42
All of them. Being banned from smokeys in any server updates the ban list for them all.

25th April 2006, 09:41
Jeah, never liked this one!
Thank you.

25th April 2006, 12:47
jup... he always shot on round beginning .... just 4 fun with pistol -.- :mad:

:rolleyes: think this thread can be closed before more people post complainments against this guy

26th April 2006, 12:36
i have seen hidden no.9 around the servers. he is a violent tk'er. i havent managed to get evidence so i havent complained yet, but he is also an arrogant asshole.

he shows off in the servers and thinks hes it, then when somebody else starts winning, he tk's everyone.

he also disconnects EVERY time when someone kills him as the hidden. actually i think he has a key bound to retry...

EDIT: oh yah? did i forget about mouse rolling pistol?

26th April 2006, 18:44
I've played with the guy before and never really enjoyed it. I'm sure hes a real pr0 when theres no one else there whos been playing for more than a month to shoot him down. People like this you can tell they're not after having fun with you or engaging you in any way other than to try and annoy you. Theres a few of them being watched at the minute, glad theres one less now.

29th April 2006, 17:46
All of them. Being banned from smokeys in any server updates the ban list for them all.

hidden no.9 was in smokeys the other day.... being an asshole too... so check your ban list.

29th April 2006, 17:56

Not on that steamID he wasn't

I've just rebanned that steamID from em all without expecting it to update to em all, so we'll see if you have problems anymore.

Dead Inside
29th April 2006, 17:59
He is certainly banned now...

Before yesterday evening the autoban updater that automatically updates the bans so they are in effect on all the servers wasn't actually working, bans had to be added to each individual server, so a ban on one wouldn't be on the others until it was done manually. This wasn't too big a problem though it was easy for me to update going by the new entries that weren't in my HLSW database already.

I'm not entirely sure what happened with this one though, he was certainly on one server when i believed he was gone from all, i actually thought he'd been stupid enough to join with the same name but a different steam ID at first, apparently the ban just simply wasn't in effect though. As soon as i noticed this, i made sure it was done properly, so he shouldnt be bothering you again, not on our servers anyway. Especially not now the auto ban updater is working again :D

29th April 2006, 18:11
i hate this prick too,and yes,he dose use exploits..i was playing on a server with him and he was trying to tell masterpod (or whatever) how to do an exploit with the hand gun,to make the gun shoot super fast(i figured out how to do it so if a dev wona know it contact me by pm so ya can fix it)
he's the biggest fag in the world,even if u try to be nice to em he still moans...
he kinda make u laugh at him tho...