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24th April 2006, 07:51
So yesturday I finally downloaded the mod, and have been rather addicted ever since. The only problem is that I go back to Uni in a week, and there's no way to play online games (that use UDP ports) there, so ideally I'd like to just force my friends into installing it so we can play some lan games.

I'm not really at all familiar with steam, I used it briefly with CS:S yonks ago, but not at all since then (I'm a Quake3 fiend, natch). How easy would it be to get lan games going, considering no external connections can be made through any UDP ports?

Is it possible? If so, is there anything I'll need to do in advance, before I head back to firewall land?

Cheers guys


24th April 2006, 08:16
Easy as eating pancakes.

Considering you can't connect to the master servers, just boot the game up, click "Create Server", select a map and hit Start / Go / OK. Your friends should be able to see the server in the LAN section of the server browser.

24th April 2006, 08:25
Excellent! Thanks for the quick reply (and the awesome mod, hehe) :)

24th April 2006, 19:02
i already postet this in the black screen thread: we had a lan party over here and it didn't worked in lan while we were all able to play it at home with no problems in the inet...

what's that about?

and it tried to connect steam base for some ticket stuff error

24th April 2006, 19:09
Make sure that you've logged in to steam and started the game from a network where the steam ports are not blocked.

Do not log out of Steam, and make sure it's set to save your login info. Just exit it. Once you're on the network where the ports are blocked, Steam will come up and ask you if you want to start in offline mode.

If you logout of steam, instead of just exiting, it won't let you play because it won't let you go into offline mode.

If you don't start the game, and it wants an update (e.g., an update occured but you haven't run the game after getting the update), it will complain about 'this operation cannot be completed in offline mode'.

Other than ensuring these two gotchas won't happen, by logging in, letting it update if it wants to, starting the games you want to play, and then exiting without logging out, you should be fine for LAN offline games.