View Full Version : loading a server

21st April 2006, 15:16
i need help,

i come ot join a server and it takes ages to load it.. it takes about 4 mins to load up to "sending client data" then i waited another 5+ mins and nouthing it just stayed their..

im on a 10megabyte connection so must i be the game?

Night Raider
21st April 2006, 15:25
Try this console commands.

sv_forcepreload 1

cl_forcepreload 1

21st April 2006, 16:02
Check if your firewall blocks hl2.exe from sending data. Sometimes it allows recieving only..

oblivious death
19th May 2006, 12:04
WHOOOO!!!! The answer to the exact same problem i have! :D thx u guys now let me see if this works.