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20th April 2006, 23:51
Well I keep getting this message saying that hl2.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the in convenience(you kno that one) and it keeps comming up.... EVERYTIME. Any suggestions? Cause I dont know what to do and I really wanna play >_<

21st April 2006, 00:01
Tried the generic stuff yet? Upgrading graphic drivers, DirectX, etc.
Otherwise be more speific:
Can you start the game and the error message pops up randomly, or do games not start at all?
Can you play any other games?

21st April 2006, 00:28
I can play Dod, CSS and all that but I cant play hidden. Its like its gonna load up the game then the message pops up. My drivers and everything are all updated.

21st April 2006, 00:50
Have you tried any other 3rd party mods?

Rick had a similar issue this evening, he restarted steam a couple of times and it resolved itself - there has been a steam update today, so it may be that causing some issues.

21st April 2006, 00:55
Dont have any other 3rd party mods :S

21st April 2006, 01:09
Go to the event viewer and check the logs for the crash. Does it say datacache.dll?

AMD CPU by chance?

HW specs?

21st April 2006, 01:14
Uhm, AMD cpu I think so(But Ive been playing this game for weeks? why would it suddenly not work with it?)

And everything else you said, I dont understand, Im not good when it comes to this kind of crap.

I just find it ****ed up cause I was playing hidden last night.

21st April 2006, 01:24
If it just happened overnight it could be a corrupted driver or it could be related to the recent STEAM updates.

To open the event viewer: Click START - then RUN and type eventvwr.msc and click OK. Then click through the logs (most likely the Application log) and look for the red X and double click that and see if it's your HL2.exe error... then report back.

If you don't even know your computer specs, how do you know your drivers are up to date?

21st April 2006, 01:48
I know my computer specs, I didnt understand the way you were talking..

1.9ghz, 512 ram, radeon 9200 card.

But yeah theres a ton of red x's with the hl2.exe in it, cause Ive been trying to run hidden like a thousand times

Faulting application hl2.exe, version, faulting module filesystem_steam.dll, version, fault address 0x0000e67f.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp.


says that

21st April 2006, 01:54
and you've restarted steam? restarted your machine - you could try verifying your local HL2 cache (right click Half Life 2 in Steam, go to properties | local files | third box down)

21st April 2006, 01:59
Im using HL2 dm to run Hidden cause I bought the CSS and DOD:S package, and Im trying that same thing with DM and CSS

21st April 2006, 02:11
And it did nothing

Any other suggestions?

21st April 2006, 03:08
Im using HL2 dm to run Hidden cause I bought the CSS and DOD:S package, and Im trying that same thing with DM and CSS
Well that might be it and there was a STEAM update recently. I've never seen that error before but it looks like STEAM. *shrug*

21st April 2006, 10:23
A 3 second reseach told me it could be either some overclocking of your CPU or memory errors. I would just reset the RAM by putting it to annother slot. If your have two memory sticks, try with a single one - then the other. I had a broken RAM stick once, hell it took me weeks to find out what it was...

21st April 2006, 19:47
If it was a broken stick I couldnt run Counter-Strike Source or DOD... Also I don't overclock my computer, so I dont know where that came from. But if it was a problem with the ram, would it not be able to run CSS because its alot more complex...

22nd April 2006, 01:35
something useful:

It's a game specific error. Try finding the launch options within the game, maybe some .ini file or maybe right click the games .exe file, and set it to run with -32bit instead of 64 bit. That sounds like it will fix that issue.
found here (http://www.devhardware.com/forums/pc-hardware-21/weird-problems-75388.html) . They also suggest to format, but if you can run other games it has to do with the hidden settings and can be solved. If you havent done this yet, reinstall Hidden. Also check for any error messages in console when starting the game..