View Full Version : Issue with maps without cameras.

20th April 2006, 08:01
At first I thought it was an all across the board problem, but I noticed ZPG running a map that I can't run on my server and I tried to figure out why.

hdn_underground_b1 - has no cameras. On my server this causes the server to crash whenever a player dies. Yet - other servers can run it.

I did a query to a server running the map and found that the server is a windows machine and mine is linux.

Is this a known issue - cameraless maps crashing linux servers?

Am I crazy and have a wierd config making it crash because it lacks cameras?

Any help here would be cool - I assume B3 will fix this eitherway.

20th April 2006, 08:42
Hmm, there should be code in place to stop that - but obviously something about it in linux is broken... Interesting.