View Full Version : Last seen on: Smokey's

18th April 2006, 22:39
Maybe it would be easier for the server admins if there server has its own thread.
So you could make suggestions and report to their admins.

My first whish would be ff on every server and a voting system that works. I know there is one, but sometimes it doesn't show up.

I like ff, but i don't like teamkills (not those by accident). So i would like to punish someone if he kills me every round. Ther was this "Duke Nukem" on the server today, made 2 ss, one of the stats, another one of the console.

18th April 2006, 22:42
Hes already been banned and punishing others for accidental tks sucks. Real TKers get banned but punishing someone for an accidental TK is rediculous and belongs in CS.