View Full Version : Tutorial help pls.

16th April 2006, 06:37
Sorry for the n00b question here, but I searched and could not find anything on the subject

Ok, im doing the I.R.I.S tutorial, and I can not jump to level 14D, using the boxes at the beggining of the tutorial.

What am I not doing? is there a trick to jump higher?


16th April 2006, 08:33
Nope. You just have to keep your eyes open and jump last minute in most places to get the proper distance...

...but I will tell you that crouch jumping can help ;) .

16th April 2006, 09:38
Press crouch and jump at the same time.

That did it for me. GL. :)

16th April 2006, 18:51
cool! thanks for the replies guys. ill give it another go!

hopefully it works!