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15th April 2006, 16:17
Hi im having problems loading any of the games in Steam, im just reinstalled Server 2003 standard as my OS so i dont know whether this has anything to do with it.

My specs

AMD 3700 Sandiago
ATI X800XL PCI Express
Nvidia A8N Nforce4 Motherboard

All i get is preparing to load game .... then the time glass dissapears off my arrow and the window closes and ntohing else happens.

Ive tried validating all my steam files and everything is there and fine.

Sorry if this is a reapeat in the forum but i gave a little search and found nothing.

Im Way btw and this is my first post :)

I hope you can help me get the game working so i can start playing :)

15th April 2006, 17:13

Thats the closest thing to help you'll get from me I'm afraid. Theres a few tech support bunnies here who could help you but in that thread I've linked to theres a few fixes.

15th April 2006, 17:39
Did you check your event log for related errors?
Did you install DirectX? *my guess*
Did you patch win2k3 server after you installed it?
Are your ATI drivers new?

15th April 2006, 19:20
yup ... all already done and it still waint work :(

15th April 2006, 19:24
Find your hl2.exe used to start the game, using explorer and rt click it, select Properties and then the Compatibility tab. Then try running it at XP compatibility and try again.

Nothing shows up in the event logs?

15th April 2006, 20:09
not a thing shows in the event logs .... you got any clues as to what it would say? ... nothing i can see relates to half life, valve, or CS or anything like that

15th April 2006, 20:28
What kind of user are you logged in as? Administrator, power user? I assume it's not a domain controller or anything like that. That's not dual core, right? Did you install all of the AMD drivers, etc too?

If hl2.exe is crapping out it should have some error in the eventlog. Can you play HL2 in single player? Try adding -window to the launch options and see if it starts that way.

16th April 2006, 12:52
im logged as the administrator

AMD Drivers?

I cant see anything in the event logs :( and ive tried that code and it doesnt work :(

16th April 2006, 16:44
AMD Drivers?
Seriously, you have to learn to search. Yahoo/google is your friend.