View Full Version : I'm a moron but...

12th April 2006, 10:11
Alright, so I'm a noob to the game and I was wondering if you're not suposed to see anything... because all i see is black. I tried to ask for some help on a server but no luck.

Thanks in advance.

12th April 2006, 10:17
um, tryupdating drivers and the standard shindiggery.
What video card do you use btw? Also, could we have a screenshot?

12th April 2006, 11:11
We don't need a screeny - we've had several showing the issue, a driver update seems to resolve it quite nicely.

12th April 2006, 12:58
yeh but i want to see it :(

12th April 2006, 13:55
should pay more attention then, we got a screen posted a couple of days ago :p

12th April 2006, 14:13
linkage? :D