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Pan the Goat God
10th April 2006, 00:04
It always makes a job easier when they admit to it.

S.W.A.T. STEAM_0:1:7286829

He said he got the game yesterday, and he's tracking the hidden better than I ever could.

http://img83.imageshack.us/img83/4320/hdnmanor00209by.th.jpg (http://img83.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hdnmanor00209by.jpg)

http://img83.imageshack.us/img83/9114/hdnmanor00219oi.th.jpg (http://img83.imageshack.us/my.php?image=hdnmanor00219oi.jpg)

And, if you want a little bit more proof, Zdaemon took a demo for any admins.

10th April 2006, 02:10
He was playing on DC today - someone pointed this thread out to me, I asked him if he'd fixed it, and he said he'd lowered his shaders (rather than fixing his drivers).

I'd been playing with him for a bit and hadn't noticed him particularly, though. so maybe he actually did.

11th April 2006, 13:51
It's me again. Sorry i postet some accusations without proper proof earlier. But i thought a vitness like masterpod would sufice. At least this time i have a ss of him admitting he sees black hidden. i have played with him several times, just thinking he is good at spotting.
I also have a demo, playing as hidden.I stop moving, no pattern behind me, he comes around a corner and shoots me within the blink of an eye.

11th April 2006, 15:08
You can see the hidden when hes perfectly still, thats not really evidence.

11th April 2006, 16:30
he admitted to see a black hidden
and here goes another one. just been playing against him. also admitted it.
Check the ss
And he didnt want to change this problem.

18th April 2006, 22:33
Another one, didn't want to fix the bug, obviously knew about it. Heres what he said:

(Hidden) The Dark Prince kk, describe the hidden please
(IRIS) kk a black figure
(IRIS) kk y
(Hidden) The Dark Prince ahh that a bug
(Hidden) The Dark Prince its suposed to be like hot air
(Hidden) The Dark Prince get new drivers, that will fix the problem
Next map is Map decided by vote
(IRIS) kk kk
(Hidden) The Dark Prince ur still here
(Hidden) The Dark Prince why
(IRIS) kk to play hidden
(Hidden) The Dark Prince well u see black hidden, idf u dont go, u will be banned
(IRIS) kk are you admin
(Hidden) The Dark Prince and by the way, u would see a black screen as hidden
(Hidden) The Dark Prince its the same shader that renders the hidden
(IRIS) kk I been told a command to fixx that
Please speak in ENGLISH on this server
(IRIS) kk so I fine
(Hidden) The Dark Prince ok i will report u so u will get banned
(Hidden) The Dark Prince leave now, please
(Hidden) The Dark Prince ok
] status
hostname Smokey's HiddenS Beta 2 Server #2
version 2596 insecure
map hdn_derelict at 0 x, 0 y, 0 z
players 5 (9 max)

# userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state
# 2 The Dark Prince STEAM_013003334 0929 74 0 active
# 3 kk STEAM_014037418 0921 90 0 active
# 4 boblow STEAM_001922721 0858 69 0 active
# 5 z4c STEAM_0127895 0439 79 0 active
# 6 daxxar STEAM_013163374 0201 617 0 active
] say 3 kk STEAM_014037418 0921 90 0 active
(Hidden) The Dark Prince 3 kk STEAM_014037418 0921 90 0 active
(Hidden) The Dark Prince do u want this account to be banned
(Hidden) The Dark Prince 5
(IRIS) kk you are an admin
(Hidden) The Dark Prince i know admins
NO Pigstick whoring, skilled players use slash please
(Hidden) The Dark Prince they visit the forum
(Hidden) The Dark Prince so should u do
(Hidden) The Dark Prince www.hidden-source.com
(Hidden) The Dark Prince 4
(Hidden) The Dark Prince 3
(Hidden) The Dark Prince 2
(Hidden) The Dark Prince 1
(Hidden) The Dark Prince leave
(Hidden) The Dark Prince ok this id will be banned

his name was "kk" just been playing with him.

EDIT: couldn't make any screenshots because hidden crashed when i got to the desktop to submit this one. So thats no "proof" as M_C needs it...

18th April 2006, 22:39
It was me you schlong :D

My name was KK from a previous game but when you started heading in the "you've got black hidden" direction I couldn't help myself.

18th April 2006, 22:40
sorry then... could have said that earlier

18th April 2006, 22:44
I know, pretty immature of me but I'm drunk and it made me and the other guy in the game wet ourselves :)

18th April 2006, 22:47
EDIT: couldn't make any screenshots because hidden crashed when i got to the desktop to submit this one. So thats no "proof" as M_C needs it...


As WHO needs it? :rolleyes:

18th April 2006, 22:49
Well, ging isn't the one trawling every thread pretending to be an admin who knows what hes doing :rolleyes:

19th April 2006, 02:10
Wait a minute... drunk edit performs well enough that you suspect him of cheating? =O