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9th April 2006, 21:53
Hello everyone, before I begin I would like to appologize because you heard this most likely a million times... But I can't see the hidden, hes completely 100% invisiable, he could be dead in front of me slapping me in the face, and ill just stand there thinking "Wtf is going on"... Untill I found out about the forums, I had to wait for someone to shoot him, or see his footsteps in water....

I read about all the posts there was, including the tweak guide. Nothing works... So I'm going to detail my hardware for the momemnt, but I got a GeForce 7700GT coming in later this week around friday... So if I dont got the apporiate hardware to play now, ill wait... But here is the info:

** GeForce 4
** 1g RAM
** 400G Memory
** AMD Anthlon XP

Settings are at:

Model Detail: Medium
Texture Detail: Low
Shader Detail: High
Water detail: Simple reflections
Shadow Detail: Low
Color Correction: Disabled
Antialasing Mode: None
Filtering Mode: Bilinear
Wait for Vertical Sync: Disabled
High Dynamic Range: Disabled

Hardware DirectX level: DirectX 7.0
Software DirectX level: DirectX 9.0

Any ideas, or should I wait till my graphics card comes in... Thanks, waiting for reply.

9th April 2006, 22:32
ok, shaders are the answer :P

Problem is that the hidden is ment to be invisible or bloodly close to it. in honesty i cant see hidden that well, but! the cool green lazer will NOT go though the hidden, when you select the pistol, you can use that to sweep the area :P

9th April 2006, 22:50
After you get your new video card, load up the tutorial for IRIS and go to the end. You'll get to a viewing area to watch the Hidden..