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9th April 2006, 18:45
Posting Guidelines

1. If a dev member tells you to do something, then do it. Be that removing yourself from a thread or changing a sig. Remember if a team members says black is white, it's white. If you do not do as you are told, or argue the point you will be removed from the forum.

2. No spam. That means no threads inciting flames or mindless chatter - if you must post mindlessly, keep it to General Chat.

2.1 Spam also includes the use of internet forum pictures specifically designed for posting in threads. For example, anything with cute animals and a caption, the "o'rly owls" - you get the idea.

2.2 No Double Posting. Use the edit function. Reading 3 posts in a row by the same author is extremely annoying. Got something to add to your original post after you've hit reply? Use edit.

3. No bumping old threads with inane replies like "lol" or "i agree". Only add to an old thread if your comments are relevant and would be seen as a viable addition to a thread. Continuing on a conversation dropped months ago is not a viable reason.

4. Discussion of piracy / warez in any form will be not tolerated. Mentioning it at all gets you removed from the forum, never to return. Theft of intellectual property is a serious concern to those it most affects... the creators.

Any forum member that advocates the theft of IP, or provides access through any means to warez, will be banned. You can consider warez to be anything related to the downloading of cracks and serial numbers or the downloading/sharing of software not licensed in accordance publisher’s wishes. Take note that file sharing of bootleg music or pirated software through peer to peer programs like Kazaa is a form of warezing.

Theft of IP is a broader term and would include, but is not limited to, the use of someone else's work, in part or in whole, and presenting it as your own. If you do use small part of someone's work product in a post ensure that it is properly referenced (link if available) and credit given.

Consider it fair warning not to test the boundaries of these rules... even in jest.

Bans associated with the violation of these rules are considered permanent. Such bans may be lifted at the sole discretion of the administrators of this forum and only after it is clear there has been a change in the banned member’s attitude. If posting privileges are restored the first post to the community will be an apology.

5. If you are posting images, keep the amount of flesh on display to a reasonable limit, no genetalia and no nipples please!

6. Do not drag threads offtopic. Threads may be locked if you drag them offtopic. You may be banned from the thread, and have your posts deleted. I'm getting fed up of removing off topic posts from on topic threads, from now on I will just lock the entire thread and warn the offenders.

7. Do not post a thread and have the only content of the first post a link to a website with no qualifying text. Members need to know where they are going, and a either a brief summary by the thread starter or commentary, is required.

8. All posts are to be made in English. If you post something in a different language then a translation is required. The dev team are all English speakers - we cannot moderate a non-English post well enough so we will remove them.

If you want to link to a non-English forum or site, please make it clear that it is non-English!

9. Do not post the same thread in more than one forum - choose the most appropriate forum for your topic and post it once only. In addition, creating a thread in one forum for the sole purpose of advertising a thread in another forum is not permitted.

10. King of Chaos Links/Threads and it's like are banned

11. Read rule one again.

Quoting People

Keep these points in mind when quoting,

Do not use the quote feature to bully, harass, or pummel other people's arguments.
Do not use the quote feature as a way of posting while adding nothing of substance to a thread (do not, for example, quote someone else's post and then add "I agree")
Do not quote the entirety of another post, especially when it is on the same page of the thread as your response. This is both unnecessary and disruptive.
Do not overuse the quote feature - if quotes take up more room in your post than what you are adding to the thread, rethink your post.
Do remember that the " character can also be used to denote quotations, so please use it.
Do use the quote feature to quote developers or content from another site (add a link too)Remember that in the absence of specific rules concerning the specific use of quotes, moderators have both the right and responsibility to judge your use and take action accordingly.

As a rule of thumb keep quotes to around 2 per post.

(Rather than write this lot up on my tod, I've used the posting guidelines from the Relic forums as a basis - yes, I'm lazy)