View Full Version : WTH is this..

7th April 2006, 01:23
Every time I try to join it ays "Disconnected : server uses a different class tab" or something like that. OMMGG!!oneone

7th April 2006, 01:32
Im pretty sure that means the server is hosting a different version of The Hidden Source

7th April 2006, 01:33
either you're trying to connect to a dev test server (marked with "Hidden : Source b2b") or you need to update your client from Beta2 to Beta2a.

7th April 2006, 01:40
I was pretty close :p

15th April 2006, 16:17
b2a?! When did this come out?!?!?!?! sorry, I havn't been on for a while, and thought there were just no servers about :(

Urgh. (of course I might actually have it if it came out ages ago, but i doubt it)

15th April 2006, 17:01
Beta2a has been around since at least September

15th April 2006, 17:17
ah, that's OK then - that means I have it... had me panicing for a minute there tho