View Full Version : Server Patch b2a where?

6th April 2006, 13:49
Hi people im back after bing out the loop a little, but does anyone have the patch? b2a for the server distro

because the one on the hidden site is corrupt and i cant find it anywhere else that i can wget with my server ?

Any help ?

6th April 2006, 14:04
wget could be an issue

but you can grab it from this scary german site : http://www.extreme-players.de/download.php?id=9135

6th April 2006, 14:05
yeah i cant get a URL for that grrrrrrrr... anyone good at coding got a URL Formular there, or is it a php doc sending file headers :P

6th April 2006, 14:12
Not that i have been looking at there source code but....


will work too, however its obviously sessioned as well bugger!

Dead Inside
6th April 2006, 14:31
The extreme players link is the only one i could find when i needed it, i just used lynx to get it :D

6th April 2006, 14:54
The extreme players link is the only one i could find when i needed it, i just used lynx to get it :D

Well, just as you were trying to show off... I'm pretty sure that file is already sat on the server somewhere in the /var/www/ filesystem :p

Perhaps I should unbugger the apache config and let people get a copy without having to faff around too much... :eek:

Dead Inside
6th April 2006, 15:27
I wasn't intending to show off, its just the one time i actually managed to work out what i could do by myself and you've ruined it now. :(

6th April 2006, 16:03
lol i see... well if lynx is a text based browser then ewwwww anyways :P

But if i had a XServer installed i could have VNCed in, but i safe resorces :P

6th April 2006, 16:05
do you still need a wget compatible mirror?

6th April 2006, 16:10
nah im fine now :P

6th April 2006, 16:11
however, My server is not reporting to any master servers at the mo i dont think
:P so im working on a server config now :P

Dead Inside
6th April 2006, 16:11
Yup, text only browser, i only use SSH/FTP to access the machine so when i had to try and get the patch i used lynx rather than download it to my machine and upload to the server or try and figure out how/if i could copy it from somewhere else on the machine with the account i have and given that i'm a) crap with linux and b) retarded