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5th April 2006, 18:45
Start your demo ("record <demoname>" in console) and then type "status" in console. This will ensure that steam IDs will print out in console when the demo is replayed.

The best demos for catching BHS / white hidden cheats (at least until we have helmet cams in b3) are demos as Hidden. Find your suspect, and do things that show he's tracking you way better than he ought to be. Don't slash or stick at him, because then there's ambiguity - did he spin around because of the sound/damage, or because he was tracking you?

Demos as IRIS are useful as well. mat_wireframe 1 will tell all on replay, this is useful for catching aimbotters / speedhackers / wallhackers / etc. So don't record only as Hidden. Try to set yourself up so that you're watching the guy without making him suspicious. Don't follow him around the entire time, this tends to scare them off, make them turn off whatever they're using, and/or teamshoot/tk - all of which means you end up with a non-useful demo.

5th April 2006, 18:57
You forgot that "stop" in the console stops the demo so it's not a whole map of nothing after 10 seconds of something. ;)

5th April 2006, 19:02
Seriously, seriously doubting this but is their a converter for .dem to video files that you can play in QuickTime, Windows Media Player, Winamp?

In advance... Seriously doubting this ;)

5th April 2006, 19:04
There is a way but I don't know what it is, .dems are what everyone that plays the hidden can use without needing a special codec. Use it. :D

5th April 2006, 19:12
Another tip to add: if you have the opportunity, get at close range and start pouncing all over the place, into difficult to see areas, because that will help you know how well he's tracking you.

For example, on Highrise: I caught a BHSer at the far corner of the map, in the dark stairway up the side. Jumping over the archway, onto it, behind him, down the side of the map onto the stairs, and all sorts of crazy angles meant that I would be an obscenely hard target to hit even with BHS, but impossible to follow without it. That demo was more or less perfect as proof.

Hehe... I still got him, though. Pounced off the side to where he couldn't see me, and then snuck up outside his FOV with a pigstick. :D

5th April 2006, 19:55
There is a way but I don't know what it is, .dems are what everyone that plays the hidden can use without needing a special codec. Use it. :D

:) I would like to create a movie that can run on these programs but I cannot use a working full version of Fraps :( therefore I can't record my demos. Anyone know an alternative to Fraps that doesn't have watermarks/time limits?

5th April 2006, 20:22
Look up gamecam lite

5th April 2006, 22:31
As far as converting demos here's a link that should help