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24th March 2006, 07:58
My brother just got a computer and wants to play Hidden also, but he does not have Half life 2 on his steam account. he bought a bunch of source games, and has the half life 2 demo, but does not want to spend $29 just to get half life 2.

can he play with only the half life 2 demo installed, or is there a way i can work around it (details not mentioned because i dont know whether the status of such details may be taken as illegal/immoral or not... i am not sure)?

he just wants to play the mod...

24th March 2006, 12:42
PM sent.

24th March 2006, 16:04
if he has HL2DM, it's possible, any other method is probably illegal or won't work...

24th March 2006, 16:14
Is using mods on HL2DM a Valve approved activity?

26th March 2006, 19:55
I believe he got Half Life 2 deathmatch when he bought all the stuff... Ill try running it off of that... if that does not work, ill try the other idea *wink* *wink*...

26th March 2006, 20:16
i like you renegade.

26th March 2006, 20:28
thank you... it is always good to be liked... though, pardon me asking, why?

26th March 2006, 20:37
Payback, here is something that I created just for you! you can say you saw it here first before i post it in the o rly forums, and see if they put it on the site - lol.


26th March 2006, 20:41
those owls are starting to get annoying. they are everywhere!

26th March 2006, 20:49
i just made a better version...


30th March 2006, 03:40
Nice. Btw, did you get it to work under HL2DM?