View Full Version : Wierd stuck bug!

23rd March 2006, 22:15
After doing a classical "fast spawn none really got what happened" kill in sewers I was going to pounce back into the small rooms when this happened. While pouncing I got stuck in this corner. I tried to pounce, duck, jump, walk, blow muself to bits, cut myself etc. But nothing worked. Was this just a 1 in 1000000 hit in the perfect spot?

23rd March 2006, 22:25
those red and yellow lines on the right look like creepy faces!

23rd March 2006, 22:27
It happens when you clip through the walls accidently, can't really be helped other than it sucks sometimes

23rd March 2006, 22:38
You can get usually get unstuck by having someone bump into you, but the chances of being bumped into by a marine while stuck on the highest ceiling in sewers are pretty slim.

Pan the Goat God
24th March 2006, 06:03
One time on traindepot I spawned in the generator ceiling, couldnt get free..tried to pipe bomb myself out but all 3 pipebombs dissapeared into nothingness.

Had to commit seppuku, as it was the only honorable thing to do.

24th March 2006, 22:55
There IS one thing that you can do... its your only real hope, so if it doesn't work, just type "kill" into the console. Assuming you have stamina remaining, try to cling to the wall. If you do manage to grab hold, you'll be pushed out of the wall enough to get free, or at least enough that if you pounce you'll clip out of your BSP trap. :P

So: the solution is "grab the surface you've clipped into and use your cling to pounce out".