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19th March 2006, 06:27
Hey I was playing on AsktheRelic.com US East FF ON 24/7 and was playing with "GRAPEDRINK!!" He was mad the he was losing, and decided to be a punk and get where the hidden (me at the time) couldn't get him...Behind a chain link fence near some stair case. I know its not enough to do anything about it but it pissed me off. I then told him to get out and he changed his name to mine and started sayin i stole his name!

After all that I left and my friend I was playing with stayed, where the guy continued to glitch and he stole my friends name and did the same ****!

Well if anyone see's him lookout and if the admin of the server reads this, check your log and you'll see it all, maybe this could result in a ban next time with proper proof!

~Sean :)

19th March 2006, 06:55
pretty sure hes ban't from DCGY. However if anyone ever camps in their just use a nade. you can fit it in from the top

19th March 2006, 07:14
That hiding spot is a bitch, but yeah, never use your nades incase someone wants to hide there, or anywhere for that mattter.

19th March 2006, 15:38
which spot is this? is it on highrise?

19th March 2006, 15:44
I think its... port? Highrise doesn't have any spots where a chainlink fence creates an unbeatable hiding spot.

19th March 2006, 15:52
its called docks darn u CS:S players!

19th March 2006, 18:30
which spot is this? is it on highrise?

the stairs going downwards from spawn (on either side both sides have the gate door) If you jump and duck you can squeeze yourself in... Bad part is theirs no escape from Pipebombs easily thrown in out of sight.