View Full Version : evasive ragdolls

18th March 2006, 16:14

i have noticed that when a camper is slashed to death their bodies will sometimes dissapear into the walls. it could really happen with anyone, but usually if they're backed up against 3 brushes (and maybe a displacement or two) they have a high chance of dissapearing and become impossible to feed on.

18th March 2006, 16:29
It's a known issue, we're just not sure what to do to fix it - other than putting ragdolls back to client side versions, which'd stop all our fun.

18th March 2006, 16:42
ok thats cool... i just like to pin bodies in front of the cameras :D

also, if you pick up a ragdoll, then pick up a barrel, there is a small chance you will "weld" them togeahter. the barrel will float in the air and become a noncollision object, like debris. looks kinda funny.