View Full Version : Launcher Error

10th March 2006, 17:30
If I start hidden, steam load the game and then: Launcher Error - Failed to load the Launcher DLL

I dl the client and I think there must be the dll in it, or not? Was my client dl buggy or something? plz help

10th March 2006, 19:17
Try to install Hidden: Source again :D
(In the same folder, and you don't have to delete the old files :D)

11th March 2006, 04:53
ok.. the problem is simply, u can have it on all mods! dont know why.. Oo I found in a other forum a hint and it works, if anyone have the same problem try this: Just copy the files from your /half-life 2/bin folder to your /half-life 2 folder! Dont delete the files in bin folder, only copy it to hl directory..